Transcendent therapies for luminous skin and easeful presence in the body.


I believe in your body’s innate wisdom and desire to find deeper balance, no matter your history. With the intention of facilitating the healing response inherent in each body, I bring a trauma-informed, strengths based skillset to the treatment room. I enjoy working with a spectrum of clients, and champion body diversity. People of all sizes and abilities, as well as transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary folks are welcome.

I particularly enjoy educating clients about their remarkable, resilient bodies. It is my hope that your session will inspire consistent self-care in daily life. I would love to help you develop pleasurable routines that promote self-awareness and healing through rest, pain management, and skincare at home.


Areas of study and interest include somatics, epigenetics, the impact of oppression on the body, and the importance of addressing the physical body as an integral aspect of mental health.


Somatic Bodywork


My work is to listen to your body, allowing its inner wisdom to guide your session. Massage, myofascial release, neuromuscular and craniosacral therapies unwind both subtle and overt patterns of restriction in the body. I offer intuition grounded in anatomy, education and years of bodywork experience. My massages are particularly useful in addressing nervous system dysregulation, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, chronic pain, trauma/injury recovery, depression, anxiety and depletion..


Holistic Skincare


Holistic facials heal and revitalize the skin and nervous system. Wise nourishment from plant medicine combine with refined bodywork techniques to address stagnation in the lymph, fascia, musculature and meridians. The result is glowing, healthy skin and a softer, deeper presence in the body.





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